The 8th “Primakov Readings” Forum will take place in Moscow on December 6–7, 2022. Yan Xuetong. ==========================================================

The 8th “Primakov Readings” International Forum will take place in Moscow on December 6–7, 2022. The Forum’s main theme this year will be “World Order in Transit: Eurasian Dimension”. Top Russian and foreign experts and scientists, politicians, public figures and diplomats will traditionally take part in the Forum. Yan Xuetong, Director of the Institute of International Studies, Tsinghua University, China, on the country’s current political priorities and relations with Russia and the US: 🔹The world has come to a new age. We are at the crossroads, and we need to find out which direction to go. It seems as if there is either a U-turn or the wrong turn – towards a new Cold War. China has no intention to fight either a new war, or a war with the US. Although we do not have global leadership at the moment, there is major confrontation between China and the US, and the core of this confrontation is technology. 🔹China’s policy towards Russia is substantially different. With the US, China is seeking to achieve peaceful co-existence and general stability, we are not friends. China regards Russia as a partner and is trying to deepen mutual trust, enlarge cooperation, and integrate our interests. 🔹No matter who holds the power in the US – they will not change their policy towards Russia and China. China opposes unilateralism of the US policy and will be actively trying to increase the influence of such international establishments as BRICS and the SCO. 🔹The SCO could be a solid basis for Eurasian integration, but it needs to become more influential. For the sake of increasing its influence, China and Russia should open more to each other. We should learn from the EU and the US and facilitate the movement of people, goods, and technology.

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